Development of Guideway for the Electromagnetic Vehicles

The magnetic vehicle will move objects at precise distances while not in contact between surfaces and while not friction that reduces vibration. These forms of vehicles will be used in harsh environments, wherever ancient vehicles may not survive. This technology has two active elements; one is that the vehicle or moving the body and another is the guide-way for the vehicle. The main advantage is that those two-parts don’t bite one another, as magnetism implies here. To determine this, conditioned power is required to energize the vehicle and guide-way. Magnetism could be a development, happens once a moving charge exerts a force on different moving charges, the magnetic-force created by these moving charges. With the advanced materials, low-cost, high-speed computing systems make it possible to build levitation as a commonplace and integral part of our life. In this project, we are going to focus on developing a Guide-way mistreatment Microcontroller. To control electronically, the levitation magnets are put in on either side with the full vehicle that keeps it on the required vertical distance over magnetic-attractive-forces, and also the steering magnets keep It supports the vehicles suspended on the guide-way while not in contact. The driving element is put in on the Guide-way of stator coil packs. The main reason for this project is to know the dynamic characteristics of the Guide-way and to develop a sturdy numerical methodology for simulating the coupled system.

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