Development of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Powered by Solar Energy

The conventional fuel run vehicle is the biggest reason for the hazardous particles emitted in our modern world. For that we are trying to shift into a renewable source of energy for running the vehicles. Fuel cell electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and electric vehicles are some of the alternatives. An electric vehicle (EV) develops with one or more electric motors for running and powered by an electrical energy source. This paper represents the usage of a solar energy system to power up the electric vehicle. Solar energy is the energy from radiant light and heat of the Sun converted to electric energy. Electric vehicles are not a new concept the first time introduced within the middle of the 19th century. In this project, a fast and power-efficient charger has been designed for a BLDC motor-driven electric vehicle where a dc battery is a feed by both conventional power source as MES and PV cells as RES. The feature components are – charge controller, rechargeable battery, power converter system, solar panel system, and Brushless DC Motor, and the circuits designed severally applying PSIM software. In this paper, we mainly focus on two things, shift into a renewable source of energy for the vehicle, and usage of solar energy to power up the electric vehicle.

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